Project: 1803.E01-E06 Facilities Commisioning

Description: General Engineering-services during commisioning of facilites for new fibreoptics production-site. Customer: OFS Fitel A/S Status: Active Scope: Start: 2018/05/01. App. 3-500hrs. Ongoing. End-customer needed assistance with onsite supervision of BMS (CTS) installations, and commisioning. As I have been involved in similar projects before, I was able to provide support for this task that was […]

Project: 1801.2733 Inner Diameter Saw Retrofit

Description: Retrofit a mothballed Inner-Diametersaw type TS-207. Siemens S7-1500 CPU, 7 Kollmorgen servo-axes. Coordinated motion. Customer: ProIvent A/S Teknologiudvikling Status: Closed Scope: 500 hrs, 2018/04/01 to 2018/10/30 End-customer procured a mothballed saw from Meyer-Burger after ProInvent projectmanager, and myself inspected the equipment. The saw would provide an upgrade of processing capabilities. Prior to storage the […]

Project: 1802.02 Etching-facility

Description: Software changes, and support for Chemical etching-plant Customer: Topsil GlobalWafers A/S Status: Active Scope: Start: 2018/02/01. Ongoing. App. 50-100hrs yearly. Etchingfacility is realized using Mitsubishi PLCs, servos, with Beijer HMIs Unitronics PLCs Matrikon OPC-server for MES-interfaces, with various C#-middlewares. Pilz safety-system PLCs (PNOz) Currently this equipment is supported onsite, if and when issues needs […]

Project: 1802.01 Topsil GlobalWafer A/S

Description: General support for FloatingZone crystal growers, cooling-systems and BMS functions. Customer: Topsil GlobalWafers A/S Status: Active Scope: 2018/01/01 to ? Customer has equipment from various vendors covering: Mitsubishi PLC with Beijer HMIs Honeywell based BMS-system. Siemens S7-300 controlled waster-treatment Siemens S7-300 controlled cooling equiment. AMK A5S CoDeSys 2.3, 12 servo-axes, Floatzone crystal growing machine. […]

High pace, fully booked spring

After a period maintaining manager-position at ProInvent A/S the focus has now shifted fully to engineering services. My former position at ProInvent has been filled, and I can now implement my interest, and the strategy of the company: High-End automation engineering. Two new customer-agreements, with old acquaintances, have also been entered. Scopes are diverse, and […]

Project: 1801.00 Automation Manager

Description: Automation manager-position at ProIvent A/S for a team of 6, along with daily sales and supportive activities. Customer: ProIvent A/S Teknologiudvikling Status: Closed Scope: 322hrs, 2018/01/01 to 2018/03/07 In order to ensure a smooth transition for ProInvent the position was kept until a suitable replacement was found. As such this project touched upon many […]

Ready for 2018

Ten minutes to midnight, but official registration has finally arrived. The company is now officially open for business. First agreement has been signed as I will, for a limited time continue as acting Automation Manager for ProInvent A/S. Note: The position as manager is open, and I encourage you to apply. The B2B relationship with […]