Large’ish Projects in N-Control

1803.E01-E06 – OFS Fitel A/S2018Q3 – Advisory Engineering, and supervisory assistance for commisioning of facility-services at new production-site (Ongoing).
1802.02 – Topsil GlobalWafer A/S 2018-Q2 PLC-Software support for Etching & Chemical cleaning plant, for HNO3 Nitric Acid and HF Hydro Flouride Acid based poly-silicium treatment plant (ongoing).
1802.01 – Topsil GlobalWafer A/S2018-Q2 General sitesupport for FZ-equipment, and facility-systems (ongoing).
1801.2733 – ProInvent A/S 2018-Q2 Retrofitted Inner Diameter Saw for crystalcutting.
1801.00 – ProInvent A/S 2018-Q1 Manager Automation, sales, and design.

Prior work-related references:

Years of specialist servies for ProInvent A/S, Topsil GlobalWafers A/S and Delta Elektronik A/S means I have a wide range of experiences.
As the projects are numerous, I kindly suggest using the contact-information and send an inquiry. We will then setup a meeting.