Focus is to provide high-level engineering-services for our customers, based on:
* Professionalism
* Performance and value-addition
* Transparency and openness
* Trust
* Cooperation


Automation is serious work – Still absolutely fun, but serious.
There are no half-measures – cost multiplies through the equipment-lifetime.
Deadlines are set for a reason – they may move, but then you react with agile management.
Entered agreements are to be kept, under the conditions they were made.

Performance and value-addition

N-control service is to provide value far exceeding our cost.
This is achieved multiple ways:
– Quality engineering, exceeding what others can provide, thereby reducing total life-time costs.
– Reduced total investment through reduced engineering-hours.
– Additional benefits as we are open and will point out, and analyze potential optimization-gains that can be achieved.
– Testing, and design according to GAMP.

Transparency and openness

We aim to provide as much knowledge to our customers through our projects. All the experience, designs, and non-protected knowhow is at our customers full disposal.
It also means we are open and transparent about costs and pricing – what we charge is no secret, and we are worth it!

When undertaking projects, all involved works is freely and openly available to the customer for audit, before, during, and after delivery. We will point out things that can be improved project-wise, including scope-change.

Trust & Cooperation

We have complete trust in our business-partners. If this is not reciprocated, then we will work as hard as possible to remedy this.
Trust is essential for our mission.

Cooperation is the first needed requirement, and the foundation for a successful project.